CSFSC membership benefits

  •  Adult membership with voting rights (for members under 18)

  • Off-ice activities – Seminars, parties, community and social events **

  • 50% Reimbursements for passed test sessions for General members and first year members

  • Stipend for members who qualify and skate at USFSA Qualifying Competitions

  • US Figure Skating Registration for 1 year

  • US Figure Skating Magazine

  • 10% discount at NW Skate Authority*

  • Purchase club apparel at discounted rate

  • Club sponsored Clinics and Workshops**

  • Safe and fun skating environment

  • Build friendships with other skaters

  •  Be part of the fun!

    *Excludes boots, blades, and sharpening

    **Additional fees may apply

CSFSC Membership Levels

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 9.22.16 PM.png
  1. Safe Sport Compliance training required for all members over 18, https://www.safesport.org/

  2. Members over 18 have voting rights. For members under 18, parent voting rights will be provided

  3. Excludes boots, blades and sharpening